SCOPUS Cited Journal Papers 2020

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SCOPUS Cited Journal Papers 2020


Analuddin, K., Septiana, A., Jamili., Sahidin, I., Rianse, U., Sharma, S., Nadaoka, K. & Anjani, E.D. (2020). Sea level rise impact on mangrove growth and development in Coral Triangle Ecoregion Southeast, Indonesia. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 797:012036 [SJR: 0.198]


Hamzah, M.L., Amir, A.A., Abdul Maulud, K.N., Sharma, S., Mohd, F.A., Selamat, S.S., Karim, O.A., Ariffin, E.H. & Begum, R.A. (2020). Assessment of the mangrove forest changes along the Pahang coast using remote sensing and GIS technology. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management,15(5):43-58 [SJR: 0.163]

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Hibino, Y., Kuriiwa, K., Yamada, T., Hatooka, K., Loh, K.H. & Sasaki, T. (2020). First Records of Uropterygius oligospondylus (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) from Minami-iwo-to Island, Southern Japan. Species Diversity, 25: 177–182 [SJR: 0.347]


Maya, L., Hamzah, Amir A.A., Maulud, K.N.A., Sharma, S., Mohd, F.A., Selamat, S.N., Karim, O.A., Ariffin, E.H., & Begum, R.A. (2020). A study on dynamic assessment of mangrove forest along the Pahang coast using geospatial method. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, Accepted [SJR: 0.163]


Sohedein, M.N.A., Wan-Mohtar, W.A.A.Q.I., Yeong, H.Y., Ilham, Z., Chang, J.S., Supramani, S. & Phang, S. M. (2020). Optimisation of biomass and lipid production of a tropical thraustochytrid Aurantiochytrium sp. UMACC-T023 in submerged-liquid fermentation for large-scale biodiesel production. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 23:101496 [SJR: 0.506]


Zhai, X., Deng, Y., Sun, Y., Leaw, C.P., Lim, P.T., Zhao, X., Hu, Z. & Tang, Y. (2020). Morphological and ultrastructural comparison and phylogenetic analyses for the East Asian and American/Malaysian ribotypes of Margalefidinium polykrikoides. Oceanologia et Limnologia Sinica. DOI 10.11693/hyhz20190400076 [SJR: 0.146]

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