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New Genus
Ebulliae octonae Chu, Y., Alias,S.A., Rizman-Idid,M., Guo, S.Y & Pang, K.L.(2015). A molecular reappraisal of Nimbospora (Halosphaeriaceae, Microascales) and a new genus Ebullia for N. octonae, Mycoscience 56 (1):34-41

New Species
Halymenia malaysiana P.-L. Tan, P.-E. Lim, S.-M. Lin S.-M. Phang. Tan, P.L., Lim, P.E., Lin, S.M., Phang, S.M., Draisma, S.G.A. & Liao, L.M. (2015). Foliose Halymenia species (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) from Southeast Asia, including a new species, Halymenia malaysiana sp. nov. Botanica Marina 2015; 58(3): 203-217

New Species
Gymnothorax pseudomelanosomatus Loh, Shao & Chen, 2015 Loh, K.H., Shao, K.T., Ho, H.C., Lim, P.E. & Chen, H.M. (2015). A new species of moray eel (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) from Taiwan, with comments on related elongate unpatterned species. Zootaxa, 4060 (1):030-040


New Species
Pseudo-nitzschia sabit sp. Nov. Teng, S. T., Lim, P. T., Lim, H.C., Rivera-Vilarelle, M., Quijano-Scheggia, S., Takata, Y., Quilliam, M. A., Wolf, M., Bates, S. S. & Leaw, C. P. (2015). A non-toxigenic but morphologically and phylogenetically distinct new species of Pseudo-nitzschia, P. sabit sp. Nov. (Bacillariophyceae). J. Phycol., 51:706-725

New Species
Ng, P. K., Lim, P. E., & Phang, S. M. (2015). The first report of the parasitic red alga Gracilaria babae (Rhodophyta: Gracilariaceae) from Singapore. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology Supplement 31:7-15


Loh, K.H., Syed Hussein, M.A., Chong, V.C. & Sasekumar,A. (2015). Notes on the moray eels (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) of Malaysia with two new records. Sains Malaysiana, 44(1):41-47


Loh, K.H., Shao, K.T., Chong, V.C. & Chen, H.N. (2015). Additions to the Taiwan eel fauna with five newly recorded species of moray eels (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), and redescription of Gymnothorax sagmacephalusJournal of Marine Science and Technology. Accepted. DOI:10.6119/JMST-013-1227-1 /

Documenting the marine living resources in preparation for adaptation to climate change.

The inventory of marine living resources in Malaysian waters, is far from complete. It is imperative to have a complete inventory of Malaysia’s marine natural resources before the endemic species go extinct due to rapid climate changes. Such a bioresource database is necessary for determination of the vulnerability of the indigenous species to provide strategies for their protection. Bioresource scientists in the University of Malaya (UM) are recognized worldwide for their contributions to the documentation and taxonomic classification of the bioresources of Malaysia and its surrounding region. The discovery of many new species and the identification of rare, endangered and threatened species is an on-going activity of the UM scientists. 

Valuable Collections have been established:
i) University of Malaya Seaweed & Seagrasses Herbarium (>20,000 specimens)
ii) University of Malaya Algae Culture Collection (UMACC) (>300 strains)
iii) Marine Fungi Collection
iv) Coastal and Mangrove Fauna Collection

New species described by IOES members

• Batrachospermum phangii E.T. Johnston. P.E. Lim & M.L. Vis 2014

• Mesospora elongata Poong, Lim & Phang (2013)

• Boleophthalmus poti Gianluca Polgar (2013)

• Pterocladiella phangiae Jelveh, Lim & Maggs (2013)

• Pterocladiella megasporangia Jelveh, Lim & Phang (2013)

• Kappaphycus malesianus Tan, Lim & Phang (2013)

• Thallasina kelanang Mok & Chong 2009

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